Our Mission Statement

With a fast paced technology driven America, SterileTec has designed a processes using specific Anti-Microbial solutions and technology to bring a new way of truly cleaning Healthcare Facilities, Factories, Commercial Properties, Schools, Churches and even the Residential Home.  One key component of our success is by achieving our goals through long term relationship building.  By using our processes and products, our customers achieve maximum production due to less illness within the workplace.  With our technology driven products we are allowing companies to see their bottom line income increase.  Schools are seeing significant increases in Average Daily Attendance within their student body and thus receiving higher state funding.  Our processes are proven and our Mission is strong.  We welcome you to join our Mission!

Our Research

SterileTec’s  products are made with an EPA registered antimicrobial active that is a biostatic Nano Technology Treatment.  This technology allows our products to bond to the applicated surface and thus keep the surface clean for as long as 6 months depending upon the amount surface activity.  These products can eliminate Fungi, Mold, Algae, Bacteria as well as surface damaging and odor causing Bacteria.  Over 80% of all illness is due to Cross Contamination of these known Fungi, Mold, Algae and Bacteria.  Most Cross Contamination is due to simple human error.  By using our ATP Meters (the same meters used in most Hospitals) we can swab areas of concern within any facility.  These test results allow us to design treatment program to effectively eliminate these harmful microbes.

The CDC (Centers for Disease Control and Prevention) states that ATP readings of Microbe Levels exceeding 150 needs to be cleaned and disinfected.  With our processes and products we can bring microbe levels that read into the THOUSANDS down into manageable and healthy levels that can remain under 100.  100% of our products utilize a “physical kill” of these harmful microbes and thus remains 100% effective until the product is worn off of the treated surface.  SterileTec’s products are unlike any cleaners and disinfectants that are sold today.  By utilizing a physical kill instead of using a chemical kill, SterileTec’s products cannot be mutated against.  By using this technology a Fungi, Mold, Algae or Bacterial cannot build up immunity to our products.