Read firsthand how SterileTec treatments have helped facilities like yours.

I would like to say a BIG THANKS to SterileTec. Tony, Dawson, and Chad came to Haskell CISD and made a great presentation to the HCISD Board of Trustees. Haskell CISD hired SterileTec to clean and treat our buses, field house, locker rooms, elementary building, door entries, restrooms, and water fountains. This was done at the peak of flu season and our attendance went up the following weeks. SterileTec has followed up with testing of all areas that were treated and found that the initial application is still doing its job. I highly recommend SterileTec for any building that has a lot of children and adults. I firmly believe that it has helped lower the number of illness?s that are associated with viruses and bacteria contamination.

Mr. Bill Alcorn, Superintendent
Haskell CISD

Recently, the Wichita Falls YMCA reached out to SterileTec, a company that has introduced a product that will help us increase our cleanliness by eliminating high levels of bacteria, viruses, mold, and algae. The secret is in the way the product is applied and how it bonds to any surface for an extended period of time. I have included additional information that will better explain the science behind the product. Originally, we were most interested in protecting our child care branch when we first approached SterileTec. As you know, the biggest concern for most parents enrolling their children in a large child care setting is the increased possibility of passing germs from one child to another. So to address that concern, we have always taken cleanliness to a very high level. After learning more about the product and the technology behind it we decided to move forward with applying the product to our facility. Recently, SterileTec came back to the facility to retest the surfaces and I was absolutely amazed with the results. In short, the product was doing exactly what they said it would?.eliminating high levels of germs and helping us maintain the cleanest and safest facility possible. We were so impressed; we have recently applied the product to one of our membership branches and plan to complete the remaining two branches in the near future.

Brandon Brown, CEO
YMCA Wichita Falls, Texas