Bacteriostatic Sanitizing Wipes


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The hardest part about cleaning is actually doing it. People get busy. Surfaces get dirty. We know. That’s why we developed our wipes. BioSpear™ Bacteriostatic Sanitizing wipes easily and effectively clean and sanitize surfaces, utilizing our safe and effective bactericidal formulation. At the same time, BioSpear™ wipes leave behind a persistent bacteriostatic barrier that inhibits the growth and colonization of bacteria on hard surfaces.

Even if you miss a day, BioSpear™ has you covered.

Our wipes are a new way to clean and apply our technology conveniently and quickly, with only one step, zero hassle and persistent action.

BioSpear™ Bacteriostatic Sanitizing Wipes are a quaternary ammonium based sanitizing wet wipe for use on hard non-food contact surfaces. These wipes are suitable for use on all hard surfaces as a household or commercial sanitizing wipe.

BioSpear™ Bacteriostatic Sanitizing Wipes provide a broad spectrum 99.99% kill against bacteria. It has bacteriostatic properties allowing it to inhibit and prevent the further growth of bacteria.

BioSpear™ Bacteriostatic Sanitizing Wipes can be a daily use sanitizing wipe and are suitable for use in the following environments: Household, offices, doctors offices, athletic facilities, schools, automotive, aircraft, daycares, nursing homes, correctional facilities, salons, laundry rooms, pet areas or anywhere that bacteria are an issue. Full effectiveness of BioSpear™ is typically achieved after approximately 3-4 applications. Remove wipe from package and wipe down surface as with any typical wet wipe. Allow surface to air dry completely .